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NEW PRODUCTS FX150 FX-150 Mini OTDR for FTTx and Metro Fiber Networks

The FX150 mini OTDR is designed for the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of FTTx, Mobile FrontHaul/BackHaul and Metro fiber networks. The compact, lightweight platform incorporates power meter, light source, fiber inspection probe and VFL test options which add exceptional versatility to the unit.

  • Robust, handheld design for demanding field testing
  • High resolution, 5” TFT color touch-screen suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Fast boot-up and measurement critical for fiber troubleshooting and restoration
  • Intuitive display, simple function keys and touch-screen for fast navigation and easy operation
  • Internal data storage with expandable SD card
  • Micro-USB OTG interface for flash drives, fiber inspection probe connection and test data transfer
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with capacity indicator, low voltage alarm and Auto-off function
  • Continuous operation of > 9 hours without having to recharge batteries
  • Built-in WiFi option to perform software upgrades and for uploading test data via wireless Internet connection
  • Built-in Bluetooth option for pairing applications with Mobile Smartphones and Tablet PCs

FX300 FX-150 Multi-Functional Test Platform for Optical Fiber Networks

The VePAL FX300 is a full featured Optical test solution for technicians installing, testing, troubleshooting and restoring FTTx/PON, mobile backhaul, and related converged network infrastructures.

  • Multimode and Singlemode Wavelength options - 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 & 1650 nm
  • Filtered 1625 or 1650 nm OTDR port for in-service measurements
  • OTDR ports feature live fiber detection
  • High dynamic range (up to 45 dB) for long haul fibers and testing through high-count PON splitters
  • Sampling points up to 256,000
  • FTTx/PON optimized test parameters for best in class dead zones
  • Event dead zone < 1m, Attenuation dead zone < 4m
  • Telcordia GR-196 and SR-4731.sor file formats
  • Optional V-Scout mode – Intelligent Link Mapping using intuitive icons derived from multiple test acquisitions
  • Optional Built-in Visual Fault Locator
  • Optional Optical Power Meter
  • Optional Light Sources
  • Optional Fiber Inspection Scope (USB)
  • Push/Pull OTDR traces, OLTS data and Fiberscope images directly to Fiberizer Cloud via wired or wireless internet connection
  • Built-in launch fiber to characterize OTDR connections and short fibers used in FTTA applications
  • Fixed or Universal 2.5 mm adaptors, UPC or APC optical interfaces with inter-changeable optical adaptors (SC/FC/ST/LC)

OPX-BOX+ FX-150 Compact Mini OTDR

The OPX-BOX+ is an ultra-compact, OTDR designed to operate remotely using Fiberizer software. The unit can be controlled via USB or Bluetooth from Windows, MacOS, Linux or Android devices.

  • Bluetooth wireless and USB control
  • Up to 3 wavelengths for OTDR testing including Live port (1625 nm, 1650 nm)
  • Up to 41 dB Dynamic Range and testing 1/4m Dead Zones
  • Optional Light Source (via OTDR port)
  • Optional Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
  • Multimode and Singlemode wavelength test options - 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 and 1650 nm
  • Software available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android operating systems and devices
  • Can be operated from Fiberizer Cloud and Fiberizer Desktop systems

FX40 Series FX-150 Optical Power Meter (OPM)
Optical Light Source (OLS)
  • Singlemode and Multimode testing
  • PON, Telecom, CATV and LAN/WAN applications
  • Dual wavelength laser source and power meter options
  • High accuracy and wide dynamic range
  • Save OPM measurements (> 100 single results)
  • Transfer stored results to a PC via USB for report generation, printing and Fiberizer Cloud upload
  • Reference power level setup and recall
  • Splash resistant keypad and chassis design
  • High contrast display - Visible outdoors and backlight for indoor or low light conditions
  • Alkaline or Rechargeable battery option with Auto power off
  • Field interchangeable optical adaptors support multiple connector types and allow easy access for cleaning

DI-1000 FX-150 Digital Fiber Inspection Microscope

The ergonomically designed DI-1000 connects directly to VeEX test sets through its USB 2.0 port. The DI-1000 features an easy single-finger focusing knob, comprehensive list of tips and digital image sensor and optics with detectable resolution to 0.5 μm.

Dirty or scratched connectors introduce loss, increase ORL and can damage other connectors. End-face contamination is a leading cause of fiber link failures in Telecom, MSOs, data centers, and corporate network environments.

The VeEX DI-1000 digital fiber inspection scope provides clear images of the connector’s end face. Focusing on the contact areas, the DI-1000 grades the connector’s health and cleanliness after it is polished or cleaned. The results determine whether the connector can be used or if it needs to be polished or cleaned again.

  • Precise and stable single-finger focus knob
  • One hand operation
  • Inspect patch cords and bulkheads
  • Compatible with UX400, TX300-Series, FX300, RXT-1200, SunLite OTDR+ and PCs
  • Direct USB 2.0 connection to test set or PC
  • Powered by USB
  • Robust for field use (no motors or batteries)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comprehensive line of tips available
  • Quick tip replacement

Direct Core Monitoring Fusion Splicer TYPE-71C Fusion Splicer TYPE-71C Features:
  • Downsizing by 43% from conventional model
  • 2.1 kg weight with battery
  • Ultra Fast Splicing (7 sec.)
  • Ultra Fast heating (28 sec.)
  • Touch screen operation
  • Upgrades software via internet
  • G.657 fibre auto-splice function
  • Universal clamps for 250µm, 900µm tight and loose buffer fiber (patent pending)
  • IP52 rating and 76cm drop on 5 faces
  • Automatic Arc calibration
  • Supports bi-directional splicing operation Reversable coating clamps (patent pending)
  • Remote interactive maintenance via internet
Compact, lightweight and Ultra Fast, Simple and versatile, Durable and rugged, Remote support via internet.
Sumitomo Type 201 SE Quantum Series V-Groove | Handheld Fusion Splicer Fusion Splicer TYPE-71C Features:
  • Industry’s Only High Resolution, Fully Navigational, Touch Screen Monitor
  • Internal Battery Charging while Splicing
  • Dual Bay External Battery Charger Available
  • Internet Interface for Remote Maintenance & Software Upgrades
  • Built-In Help and Maintenance Videos
  • Micro-SD Ports for Virtually Unlimited Data Storage
  • Automatic Splice Start, Arc Calibration and Heater Start
  • Extended Life Electrodes Standard
  • Hard or Soft Transit Case
  • Easy to use Fibre Holder Based System
  • Lynx2 Custom Fit® Splice-On Connector Compatible
  • RoHS Compliant

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Quantum Type-QH201e-VS marks the new standard for FTTX/Handheld fusion splicers. This amazing handheld splicer boasts this industry’s smallest footprint and is the first and ONLY to incorporate maximum user friendliness; on-board training videos; remote software updates; and USB 24-7 remote maintenance capability. Other features include li-ion battery technology and an easy to use fibre holder system — with the legendary reliability common to all Sumitomo Electric splicers.

The Quantum Type-QH201e-VS is by far the most advanced FTTX/Handheld fusion splicer in the industry, yet it’s also rugged with superior dust, shock and water-proof resistance, making it the ideal choice for even the harshest environments.

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