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Established in 1998, we have grown from small beginnings - based in Auckland New Zealand, atg Technology Group have been partnering with to partnering with some of the largest telecommunication equipment providers in the world, enabling our business to service New Zealand and the Pacific Islands with state of the art fibre optic cable, equipment and technical support.



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The fibre dome closure is renowned for excellence in moisture tightness, tube management, ease of use and design flexibility.

A 12-24 fibre wall box Splice and patch all in the one box

With industry leading fibre cable protection and management, our 1RU 48F HD OFDF provides efficient cable connections between outside plant cable and equipment.

The 1RU Drawer Rack provide secure transitions between MPO/MTP® and LC discrete connector interfaces. Used for MPO/MTP® backbones with LC patching and active equipment connections.


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FOA CFOT Certification

The Certified Fibre Optic Technician (CFOT) course is a balanced mix of hands on instruction and theory to provide the knowledge required for today’s fibre optic applications. 

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atg Technology Group has grown from small beginnings – to now partnering with some of the largest telecommunication equipment providers in the world enabling our business to cover not only New Zealand but the entire Pacific Islands.

atg’s focused strategy starts with building solid relationships with their partners enabling our local customers to be informed with the latest advances in technology and installation practices around the globe.

This competitive advantage enables atg to offer a specialized range of network components covering both the copper and optical fibre disciplines for a competitive end-to-end solution.

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