Clean & Inspect and Hand Tools

atg have supported the New Zealand and Pacific optical tool industry since 1998. With our hand tools and clean & inspect solutions, atg have everything for the preparation and hygiene of your network.

Make sure you are cleaning

Optical network failures are costly, and most can be prevented by good clean and inspect practices. 

For accurate network performance, all optical connectors must be cleaned before reconnecting to any network or test instrument.

Cleaning must also be done inside the equipment/OFDF adapter for accurate network performance.

Just one-micron of dust can cause high loss or high reflectance in optical connectors.

Dust or dirt will damage connector faces and lower the future performance of your network.

Cleaning will ensure the effects of dust or dirt particles are minimised, as well as remove oil traces from hand contamination.

Cleaning will;

  • ensure the life of connections are extended.
  • reduce replacement costs.
  • ensure accurate testing measurements
  • ensure good network operation

Cleaning products are consumables and need replacing constantly.

Dry clean is the recommended first step, if inspection then shows the connector is still dirty, a wet clean with a recognised connector cleaning fluid and a lint-free tissue is needed.


atg Technology carry a wide range and variety of the more popular cleaning products, from One Click or Stickler tools, to isopropyl alcohol and dispensers, to individually packed IPA wipes, Cletops and Kim wipes.

Make sure you are Inspecting

Inspecting goes hand in hand with cleaning. Inspecting connector faces before connecting to a network can save you lots of down time chasing, Intermittent faults, high insertion or return loss issues.


atg Technology can supply low-cost simple inspection microscopes, low-cost video inspection scopes as well as top-of-the-line video inspection scopes with pass-fail software. With our vast supplier options, we can meet your inspection budget needs.

Make sure you are using good Hand Tools

Correct cable and fibre stripping tools should always be used to comply with manufacturers recomeded methods and to ensure you are OSH compliant. They will also save you time and money.


  • Cable sheath removal tools for circumferential and spirial slitting.
  • Tube cutting tools for circumferential and longitudinal cutting on Loose Tubes and ABF Tubes.
  • Hand stripping tools for stripping of 2-3mm cable sheaths, 900 and 250 micron fibres.                                                 
  • Mid-Span opening tools for creating a window in a Loose Tube to extract individual fibres.                                        
  • Kevlar Shears for removal of Kevlar or Water swellable tape.                                                                              
  • Armoured cable sheath removal tools for the removal of either GRP, SWA or STA Armour.
  • Loose fibre holders for use with fusion splicers and loose buffer fibre cables

atg Technology can offer you advice on tool options and starter kit recomedations to fit your budget.

“If its optical, we can supply it”