Outside Plant

Closures and Passive Network Accessories

atg’s outside plant cable management solutions offer everything you will need to keep your installations tidy and safe from the elements or human disturbance.

Outside Plant (OSP)

  • A Range of underground dome closures;
  • from our popular mini dome 2-48F to our larger closures
  • Aerial closures from 2-48F
  • Inline splice joints from 2-96F
  • Wall mount external closures
  • Underground joints with splice and patch,
  • Underground or pole mount splice and patch with splitters
  • Air blown closures

Network accessories

  • ADSS aerial hanging options
  • OPGW hanging options
  • Manhole cable management
  • Pole mounts for closures
  • Splitters to fit underground closures
  • Circulators to fit underground closures
  • Air blown accessories
  • Hand tools

“If its optical, we can supply it”