OFL200 Handheld Optical Fiber Fault Locator

The OFL200 Handheld Optical Fiber Fault Locator is newly developed equipment designed for optical fiber fault locating and analysis.
With short dead zone, up to 8 fiber faults detection, as well as ease fault location identification, this Intelligent mini OTDR is indispensable equipment for troubleshooting single mode (SM) fibers in FTTx, FTTh networks. This fault locator is integrated with Visual Fault Locator (VFL), which is auxiliary for detecting fiber faults in dead zone.

• Easy faults detection and diagnosis  
• Compact size, rugged and light weight
• High accuracy and high repeatability
• Max. 8 fiber faults in one measurement
• Automatic Pulse Width Control design for ease of use
• Built-in Visual Fault Locator (VFL), conveniently to find the faults in dead zone
• Dust, water and shock proof, designed for field use
• Long battery life, up to 5000 measurements operation



FX81T-25G 1G/10G/25G PON Terminated Meter

While XGS-PON deployments continue to rapidly grow, some cutting-edge technology and high-density applications require even higher data rates. 25G PON is filling that role, and trials and deployments have begun with no dedicated test equipment available.

The FX81T-25G is the first 25G PON test solution on the market, measuring 25G PON downstream (1358 nm) power along with GPON/EPON and XG-PON/10G-EPON. It provides instant and accurate readings as well as automatic pass/fail testing based on recommendations from the 25GS-PON MSA Group and standards bodies.

The FX81 PON power meter supports legacy EPON/GPON and  next generation XG(S)-PON/10G EPON technologies. The unit is  available in four or five wavelength configurations depending on  RF Video Overlay (RVO) test requirements. The four-wavelength  version can be equipped with a broadband power option which  is suited to legacy applications including CWDM.

A key feature of all FX81 pass-through versions is its low loss  coupler that automatically taps and filters the downstream and  upstream wavelengths of each PON technology present. The  filtered signals are measured using calibrated, high-performance  photo-detectors.

•Compatible with both GPON and EPON fiber networks
oGPON, XG(S)-PON, and 25G PON test applications
oEPON and 10G-EPON test applications
•4 models available:
o2 λ non-pass-through/terminated DS: 1490/1577nm (FX81T)
o3 λ non-pass-through/terminated DS: 1358/1490/1577nm
o4 λ pass-through DS: 1490/1577nm, US: 1310/1270nm
o5 λ pass-through DS: 1490/1550/1577nm, US: 1310/1270nm
•Concurrent measurements display
•Fixed SC/APC Interface for ONU and OLT test ports
•Programmable thresholds with Pass/Fail indication
•Optional broadband power meter with universal adapters
oWaveID support when paired with compatible VeEX source
•Non-volatile storage for 1920 OPM
•Flexible data transfer, test result management and report generation options using:
oPatent-pending NoAppTM QR code transfer
oLT-Sync PC software (microUSB or optional Bluetooth)
•FiberizerTM for Android, Windows, and cloud
•High contrast LCD - visible outdoors, programmable backlight for indoor or low light conditions
•Battery: Built-in, rechargeable Li-polymer
•Battery operating time (with backlight):
oFTTx PON mode: >25 hours




 FX41xT Selective PON Power Meter for  G-PON and XGS-PON

10G Next-Gen and Legacy PON Optical Power Meter  Provides fast, simple, and precise measurement of G-PON and XGS-  PON downstream signals. Miniature filters ensure each wavelength  is measured accurately. The tester is well suited for installation,  service verification, and troubleshooting of co-existent networks,  including IEEE based E-PON and 10G-EPON deployments.

•Downstream signal verification for G-PON and XGS-PON  networks 
•Simultaneous 1490/1577 nm signal level measurements
•Pass/Fail indication per PON Class or User thresholds
•Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries with Auto- off
•Save over 2000 measurements with date and timestamp
•Save/display test results via NoApp™ QR code for mobile  device transfer, post-processing, sharing, and upload
•Cloud-based NoApp™ service (included) allows for data  augmentation via mobile phone or tablet. 

•Micro USB interface for 5V DC powering and battery charging
•High contrast backlit, monochrome display - visible outdoors  and indoor with varying light conditions
•Splash and dust resistant keypad and chassis design
•Rugged polycarbonate chassis for demanding field conditions
•Fixed SC/APC connector interface with protective dust caps
•Visual Fault Locator (VFL) option
•Broadband Optical Power Meter (OPM) option






SumiCloud™ - Enhance your fibre optic splicing experience

SumiCloud™ is a powerful tool that supports your fusion splicer in the field. Using your smartphone, your splicer connects to the internet and Sumitomo's cloud services which include data management, asset management, firmware updates and maintenance support.

Enjoy a new generation splicer experience with SumiCloud™.

Smooth and secure support for field operators using SumiCloud™ smartphone app and for managers using SumiCloud™ web app.

SumiCloud™ delivers benefits to all TYPE-71C+ users: telecom carriers, installation contractors, rental companies and maintenance offices

  • Splice Data Management - Real time data sharing on your smartphone and web browser
  • Remote Screen Capture - Capturing real-time splicer display for better support
  • Help Videos - Wide range of help videos to support user training and proactive maintenance
  • Report Builder - Finish up your field report by several taps on your smartphone
  • Auto Diagnosis - Remote health check to minimize troubles in the field
  • Software update - Keep your splicer firmware up-to-date with the latest version to ensure optimum performance
  • Remote Lock - Lock and unlock your splicer for safety and security