T-400S - Active Clad Alignment fusion splicer

  • Carry out your mission as fast as possible
  • All your FTTx splicing done with one machine
  • Simple operation with brand new user interface

SumiCloud™ - Enhance your fibre optic splicing experience

SumiCloud™ is a powerful tool that supports your fusion splicer in the field. Using your smartphone, your splicer connects to the internet and Sumitomo's cloud services which include data management, asset management, firmware updates and maintenance support.

Enjoy a new generation splicer experience with SumiCloud™.

Smooth and secure support for field operators using SumiCloud™ smartphone app and for managers using SumiCloud™ web app.

SumiCloud™ delivers benefits to all TYPE-71C+ users: telecom carriers, installation contractors, rental companies and maintenance offices

  • Splice Data Management - Real time data sharing on your smartphone and web browser
  • Remote Screen Capture - Capturing real-time splicer display for better support
  • Help Videos - Wide range of help videos to support user training and proactive maintenance
  • Report Builder - Finish up your field report by several taps on your smartphone
  • Auto Diagnosis - Remote health check to minimize troubles in the field
  • Software update - Keep your splicer firmware up-to-date with the latest version to ensure optimum performance
  • Remote Lock - Lock and unlock your splicer for safety and security