Splicers & Accessories

atg Technology represent the Sumitomo brand of world-renowned optical fusion splicers in New Zealand and the Pacific.

All Sumitomo splicers have been through the approval process for use on all major telco networks in New Zealand, you can be sure that by investing in a Sumitomo optical fusion splicer you have a quality machine and can work on any network in New Zealand, with local NZ repair and maintenance facilities.

There are price options from the lower cost, active V Groove splicers for FTTH and smaller volume connection applications. These use 4 motors in the alignment process.

Currently this is the T400 splicer

Then there is the faster high performance core alignment splicer, suitable for any application, but really designed for large core count splicing and main telco networks. These use 6 motors in the precision alignment process.

Currently this is the T72C+

Every Sumitomo splicer sold by atg Technology comes with the Sumitomo self-rotating cleaver. This means if the blade is going blunt you can operate a mechanical lever and it will auto rotate to the next position. No field manual adjustment needed. This adjustment is so small it enables an addition 12,000 cleaves per blade over a manually adjusted cleaver.

Just for good measure atg also ensures every Sumitomo splicer is also supplied with a free new set of hand held optical strippers.

“If its optical, we can supply it”