Air Blown Fibre Technology

Jetting Air Blown Machinery

  • Blowgun and Blowing Machine combine robustness with low weight
  • Can be used easily without tools and they are fitted with all the functions you need 
  • Machines are constructed to work without problems out in the field  



Trigg AIR 

Robust handheld fibre blowing unit. Battery-powered operation for cables 1-3 mm and ducts 3, 5, and 7 mm.

  • FIBER BLOWING MACHINE for cables 1-3 mm / Duct 3/5/7 mm
  • Electrically operated. Battery connected.
  • Fibre security by mechanical clutch and adjustable clamping force.
  • Forward and reverse. • Digital display showing speed and distance.
  • Max. speed: 150 m/min.
  • Max pushing force: 30N.
  • Speed control

“If its optical, we can supply it”